Join the 10 Day Impacteur Challenge!

Welcome to the 10 Day Impacteur Challenge!

10 Days • 10 Impacts • 1 Move

Join the global movement of Impacteurs making a difference!

What is an impacteur?

  • Someone who gives a ****
  • Someone who wants to make a difference
  • Someone who believes in the power of having a positive impact…


All you need to do is make an impact every day for ten days and dare three friends to do the same. By doing so you are truly an Impacteur!

As part of the challenge each day you will be emailed an idea on how to make an impact. Just think how much awesomeness you will create in the next ten days and the ripple effect by being part of this movement can make. We know you will love it and we cant wait to hear all about your experience.

To join the Impacteur 10-day challenge, simply pop in your name and email and you will receive your first act of impactfulness!

PS: Being an Impacteur is the fastest personal development journey you will ever go on! You’ll love it!

PPS: Live is not too short when you live it with impact!